1. 23 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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  6. 24 Oct, 2019 2 commits
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  8. 17 Oct, 2019 2 commits
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Fix warning when bluez Appearance property isn't set · ed0dfe44
      Bastien Nocera authored
      The Appearance property might not be available, and would cause
      warnings like:
      upowerd[17733]: g_variant_get_type: assertion 'value != NULL' failed
      upowerd[17733]: g_variant_type_is_subtype_of: assertion 'g_variant_type_check (type)' failed
      upowerd[17733]: g_variant_get_uint16: assertion 'g_variant_is_of_type (value, G_VARIANT_TYPE_UINT16)' failed
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Fix memory leak in Bluez backend · 8e6cb06f
      Bastien Nocera authored
      g_dbus_proxy_get_cached_property() returns transfer full GVariants.
  9. 03 Sep, 2019 2 commits
  10. 25 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  11. 04 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • Hans de Goede's avatar
      UpKbdBacklight: Fix endless loop burning 100% CPU on keyboard plugout · 04ee9afb
      Hans de Goede authored
      If an external keyboard with a backlight gets unplugged then
      up_kbd_backlight_event_io would constantly get called, burning 100% CPU.
      To make things worse, up_kbd_backlight_event_io would also constantly post
      DBUS events, causing gnome-shell to also become very unresponsive.
      This commit fixes this by returning FALSE from up_kbd_backlight_event_io
      on unplug.
      While at it also fix calling up_kbd_backlight_emit_change with a negative
      brightness value in other error scenarios. Specifically this fixes
      calling up_kbd_backlight_emit_change with -1 on the initial
      up_kbd_backlight_event_io call in which case up_kbd_backlight_brightness_read
      will typically fail with ENODATA.
  12. 18 May, 2019 1 commit
  13. 09 May, 2019 3 commits
  14. 07 May, 2019 6 commits
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      rules: Split off HID++ rules · fb10b80d
      Bastien Nocera authored
      They should probably have been split off from the start.
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Add test for Logitech unknown device races · 8ead0523
      Bastien Nocera authored
      Check that external devices which show up as "battery" types have their
      capacity_level correctly read, and that the device's type will be
      correctly read after an input node is attached.
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Start polling for unknown device batteries too · 71efbf00
      Bastien Nocera authored
      This check is supposed to start a poll for 1) batteries embedded in
      external devices 2) batteries when battery polling is not disabled.
      Make sure to start the poll for all batteries embedded in devices even
      the ones that are just detected as "battery".
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Retry to get a battery type if it's unknown · 61028d84
      Bastien Nocera authored
      On some devices the power_supply node will show up before a related node
      such as "input", making it impossible to know which type of device we're
      attached to without waiting. Try to detect the device type again if the
      device type is still "battery".
      This fixes some Logitech devices appearing as "Battery" instead of their
      respective device type, such as "mouse".
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      linux: Don't treat device batteries like laptop batteries · 057238a0
      Bastien Nocera authored
      Use the correct refresh function for device batteries which aren't of a
      known type. This fixes battery information not getting updated on many
      Logitech wireless devices.
      - Unplug Logitech receiver
      - Replug Logitech receiver
      - Press button on Logitech keyboard
      - Move mouse/touchpad
      The touchpad battery would be stuck in "unknown" and with a "type" of
      battery. This commit forces the correct refresh function to be used, one
      that reads the capacity_level on those devices, and will update the
      overall battery level.
      Closes: #72
    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      docs: Mention that not all batteries are laptop batteries · c7104a19
      Bastien Nocera authored
      They might be device batteries where the device type is not known or
  15. 05 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  16. 24 Feb, 2019 2 commits
  17. 21 Feb, 2019 2 commits
    • Christian Kellner's avatar
      Replace use of G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE · 9b7ce3de
      Christian Kellner authored
      G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE has been deprecated since glib version
      2.58 and should be replaced with the xxx_get_instance_private (obj)
      which is generated by G_ADD_PRIVATE.
    • Christian Kellner's avatar
      Replace use of deprecated g_type_class_add_private · 8da188b3
      Christian Kellner authored
      Use G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE (..., G_PRIVATE_ADD (...)) instead of
      the (deprecated since glib 2.58) function g_type_class_add_private
      to add a private structure for a type.
      Bump the minimal required version of glib to 2.38.0, the version
      where G_PRIVATE_ADD was added.
  18. 20 Feb, 2019 1 commit