Commit 04ee9afb authored by Hans de Goede's avatar Hans de Goede Committed by Martin Pitt

UpKbdBacklight: Fix endless loop burning 100% CPU on keyboard plugout

If an external keyboard with a backlight gets unplugged then
up_kbd_backlight_event_io would constantly get called, burning 100% CPU.

To make things worse, up_kbd_backlight_event_io would also constantly post
DBUS events, causing gnome-shell to also become very unresponsive.

This commit fixes this by returning FALSE from up_kbd_backlight_event_io
on unplug.

While at it also fix calling up_kbd_backlight_emit_change with a negative
brightness value in other error scenarios. Specifically this fixes
calling up_kbd_backlight_emit_change with -1 on the initial
up_kbd_backlight_event_io call in which case up_kbd_backlight_brightness_read
will typically fail with ENODATA.
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