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    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      Parser: return error if stream encountered when allowStreams = false · bef2c42f
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Opening a PDF file where the first object is a stream prints a
      "Command token too long" error message. This is caused by the
      Linearization check in Linearization::Linearization reading objects
      with allowStreams = false. The Parser ignores the "stream" token and
      tries reading the next token which is usually binary data. Setting
      allowStreams to true will not work since the stream length is often an
      indirect object and at this point the XRef has not been created.
      Fix this by making Parser return an error object if the "stream" token
      is encountered when allowStreams is false.
      Bug 58966
  6. 29 Dec, 2012 7 commits
  7. 28 Dec, 2012 2 commits
    • Thomas Freitag's avatar
      Repair pdfunite · d61c6d49
      Thomas Freitag authored
      Sorry, when I implemented the support encrypted pdf files in pdfseparate I
      missed that writePageObjects of course is also used in pdfunite for combining
      pages, and even more that encrypted files are still not supported by pdfunite,
      I removed the numoffset from writing the objects itself. Therefore there are
      still all objects in the combined pdf file, but the references missing the
      numoffset and therefore were no more reachable.
      The patch repairs it.
      Bug #58569
    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      dos2unix · be4804bf
      Albert Astals Cid authored
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