1. 30 Aug, 2011 1 commit
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      Fix building static-linked pdftocairo · 33da7e27
      suzuki toshiya authored
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      cairo: align strokes when Stroke Adjust is true and line width <= 1 · 91fafce0
      Adrian Johnson authored
      If the stroke coordinates are not aligned, lines in cairo may be up to
      1 pixel wider than the requested width. This is most obvious when the
      line width is 1 and the rendered line is 2 pixels.
      When Stroke Adjust is true, the PDF standard requires that stroke
      coordinates be adjusted to ensure the stroke width is within half a
      pixel of the requested width.
      If Stroke Adjust is enabled and the width is <= 1 pixel (the previous
      commit adjusts the width to be at least 1 pixel), use the method
      documented at http://www.cairographics.org/FAQ/#sharp_lines to align
      the coordinates to ensure the rendered width is 1 pixel.
      Fixes bug #4536.
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      cairo: fix stroking of very thin lines · cfc67afe
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Lines with a width less than 1.0 are almost invisible in cairo output
      due to antialising. The PDF standard states that when the Stroke
      Adjust graphics parameter is true, all lines must be at least one pixel wide.
      Add a stroke_adjust flag to the CairoOuputDev. Like splash, use the
      globalParam strokeAdjust setting (which defaults to true) to
      initialize the flag and ignore the Stroke Adjust settng in PDF
      files. This emulates Acrobat behavior.
      When stroke_adjust is true, find the line width in device pixels and
      if less than 0.5 set the line width to 0.5 device pixels. The value
      0.5 pixels seems to make horizontal and vertical lines look better
      because integer aligned 1.0 wide lines in cairo are rendered two
      pixels wide which looks too fat.
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