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0.19.2 news

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Release 0.19.2
* Annotation improvements
* CairoOutputDev: update cairo mesh pattern to 1.12 api
* CairoOutputDev: fix some transparency issues (Bug #47739)
* CairoOutputDev: Fix regression in some shadings
* TextOutputDev: Don't add newline to last line extracted by TextSelectionDumper (Bug #45955)
* CJK font improvements
* Improve font matching for non embedded fonts
* Fix regression regarding forceRasterize in PSOutputDev
* Fix typos glyph names in truetype 'post' table standard mac ordering
build system:
* minor cmake fixes
* misc autoconf fixes
* POPPLER_VERSION is now wrapped in quotes
* pdftohtml: extract mask images even if they are not JPEG (Bug #47186)
* pdftohtml: Flip images if they need to (Bug #32340)
Release 0.19.1
* Improve CJK suport in PSOutputDev
......@@ -19,7 +40,7 @@ Release 0.19.1
* Support for LinkMovie object (Bug #40561)
* Support for Media Rendition
* Add poppler_fonts_iter_get_encoding
* Improvements to the demo
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