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0.19.1 news

Also inclusing 0.18.x ones
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Release 0.19.1
* Improve CJK suport in PSOutputDev
* CJK substitute implementation on WIndows platforms
* Do not crash on malformed files with 0 bits in the color map of an image
* Fix regression in some PSOutputDev array sizing
* Improvements to Annotation editing
* Fix logic error in Rendition parsing code (Bug #47063)
* Minor API changes to SplashOutputDev (Bug #46622)
* Fix mismatch in some functions declarations
* Update poppler copyright year
* pdftops: Fix -passfonts regression. (Bug #46744)
* pdffonts: List the encoding of each font. (Bug #46888)
* pdftohtml: Add possibilty of controlling word breaks percentage. (Bug #47022)
* Support for LinkMovie object (Bug #40561)
* Support for Media Rendition
* Add poppler_fonts_iter_get_encoding
* Improvements to the demo
Release 0.19.0
* Merge Xpdf 3.03
......@@ -46,6 +71,91 @@ Release 0.19.0
* autotools: Replace openjpeg compile test with a version test
* Add a configuration option for the test data dir
Release 0.18.4
* CairoOutputDev: Restore temporary clip used in CairoOutputDev::fill when painting a mask
* CairoOutputDev: Ensure paintTransparencyGroup uses same ctm as beginTransparencyGroup. Bug #29968
* CairoOutputDev: Use fabs when comparing the transformed line width. Bug #43441
* CairoOutputDev: Remove unused variable in Bug #45442
* SplashOutputDev: Do not use 50Kb of stack in SplashXPath::addCurve. Bug #44905
* JpegWriter: set image parameters after jpeg_set_defaults(). Bug #45224
* OpenJPEG decoder: Set OPJ_DPARAMETERS_IGNORE_PCLR_CMAP_CDEF_FLAG if you have it. Bug #43414
* Lexer: convert integer to real when overflow occurs. Bug #45605
* Various minor introspection and documentation improvements. Bug #44790
* Fix return values. Bug #45440. Bug #45441
* gtk-doc improvements. Bug #45549
* Introspection improvements. Bug #45455
* HtmlOutputDev: Proper unicode support when dumping PDF outline. Bug #45572
* HtmlOutputDev: Fix leaks. Bug #45805
* HtmlOutputDev: Close li tags in generated outlines. Bug #45807
* man pages: fix minor issues with hypens and %
build system:
* automake: Link to lcms if needed
* automake: Fix build for builddir != srcdir. Bug #45434
* automake: Improve moc detection when cross compiling
* Fix build with latest mingw-w64 headers. Bug #45407
* remove non-existing 'qt' include dirs
Release 0.18.3
* Do not fail if we are trying to save a file with Encrypt that has not been modified. KDE Bug #288045
* Include .otf fonts when finding substitute fonts. Bug #44412
* Fix stack overflow in PDFDoc::markObject(). Bug #44660
* Include strings.h as we use memcpy. Bug #43558
* pdfunite: Properly initialize globalParams. Bug #44659
* pdfseparate: Properly initialize globalParams
* Fix iniliazialization of GooString arguments
build system:
* autoconf: Check for cairo-ft and other cairo backends. Bug #43969
Release 0.18.2
* Fix leak in GooString when resizing to a smaller string
* Fix crash if failing to parse the colorspace. Bug #42793
* Make GfxColorSpace::parse accept dicts
* Use PDFDoc(wchar_t *, ...) on Windows. Bug #35378
* Add missing include
* Minor fixes in documentation
* pdftocairo: Fix crash when rendering only odd/even pages in a printing format
build system:
* Fix pkg-config files
Release 0.18.1
* PSOutputDev: Output PS that does not confuse libspectre
* PSOutputDev: Fix tiling pattern fill matrix. Bug #41374
* PSOutputDev: Emit non repeating patterns just once
* PSOutputDev: Fix uncolored tiling patterns. Bug #41462
* CairoOutputDev: Fix crash when using poppler_page_get_image()
* CairoOutputDev: Fix various setSoftMask bugs. Bug #41005
* pdftocairo: Flush/close files one we are done using them
* pdftocairo: Compile in Windows
build system:
* CMake: Fix typo in option description
* CMake: Correctly include fontconfig include dir
* Remove poppler-cairo dependency from poppler-glib pkg-config file
* Minor fixes in documentation
Release 0.18.0
* Fix small memory leak when dealing with marked content
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