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Release 0.22.3
* Check order bounding box values in tiling pattern (Bug #62369)
* CairoImageOutputDev: Don't change image interpolation when printing (Bug #62418)
* TextOutputDev: Set text matrix when painting selection (Bug #61042)
* Only write the file once when saving (Bug #62739)
* Fix for complete rewrites in repaired files
* Fixlet regarding spec interpretation for Link Zoom value
* Fix typos in man pages
* Fix compile when not using libjpeg
* Always start from the beginning when starting a new search on a page (Bug #59972)
* Fix crash in files with LinkRendition (KDE Bug #317710)
build system:
* Small cmake improvements
Release 0.22.2
* Correct rendering of underline and strike out annotations (Bug #61518)
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