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Release 0.25.0
* Annotation improvements
* Tagged PDF work
* Improve speed on some files using ICC color space
* Use ICC profile in OutputIntents. Bug #34053
* Limit use of ZapfDingbats character names. Bug #60243
* Splash: correction for knockout transparency groups
* regression test improvements
* pdftoppm: Added thinlinemode option setting
* pdfinfo: Indicate if pdf contains javascript
* pdfinfo: Add option to print out javascript
* pdfimages: Print size, ratio, and ppi
* pdfimages: More image output format support
* pdfseparate: allow zero-padded pagespecs
* Annotation improvements
* Add API to get text, text layout and text attributes for a given area
* demo improvements
Release 0.24.4
* Fix regression in broken endstream detection. Bug #70854
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