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0.16.0 NEWS

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Release 0.16.0
* Improve the correctness of radial shadings (Bug #32349)
* Adapt the zlib-based FlateStream code to API changes (Bug #32065)
* Make PreScanOutputDev be less agressive when deciding to rasterize (Bug #30107)
* Fix some warnings in newer gcc in Splash backend
* Fix the preliminary bbox/clip calculation in Splash backend
* Use A1 instead of A8 for imagemask in the Cairo backend
* Windows compile fixes
* Do not return 99 (or 1) with -h, -v and -printenc (Bug #32149)
* Misc style improvements to pdftohtml code
* pdftohtml: Remove the -resolution flag introduced in 0.15.0 and fix the
existing -zoom flag
build system:
* Add more warning flags to the default gcc builds
* Enable GObject introspection support in the cmake build system
* Windows compile fixes
Release 0.15.3 (0.16 RC)
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