Commit 529a5480 authored by Brad Hards's avatar Brad Hards
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Update to reflect recent changes

parent 08cca467
2005-07-04 Brad Hards <>
* qt4/.cvsignore: update to reflect new files
* qt4/tests/
* qt4/tests/poppler-fonts.cpp: initial import of a simple font
metadata listing application.
* qt4/src/poppler-qt4.h:
* qt4/src/ complete Qt4 font metadata handling
* qt4/src/poppler-qt4.h:
* qt4/src/ change the render API to make it more
* qt4/tests/test-poppler-qt4.cpp:
* qt4/tests/stress-poppler-qt4.cpp: update to reflect changes
to render API
* poppler/FontInfo.h/cc: make FontInfo::type() return a enum
instead of a GooString. As discussed on mailing list, if you
want a string representation, you get to make one at the bindings
layer (ie typeName() didn't make the grade in the final patch)
* qt4/tests/poppler-fonts.cpp (main): change order in test
code to reflect actual testcase file
2005-07-01 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* poppler/ Make selection also work when dragging
......@@ -43,7 +71,7 @@
* poppler/ use transformation matrix for image
2005-06-28 Brad Hards <bradh@rachel>
2005-06-28 Brad Hards <>
* .cvsignore:
* qt4/.cvsignore:
......@@ -6,3 +6,5 @@ Makefile
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