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0.15.0 NEWS

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Release 0.15.0 (0.16 Alpha)
* Remove exception support
* Improve creation of Annotations
* Fix failure to parse PDF with damaged internal structure. (Bugs #29189 #3870)
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
* Speed improvements when reading multiple characters from a given Stream
* Speed improvements in the Splash backend
* Speed improvement in gray color space calculations
* Speed improvement in ICC color space calculations
* Speed improvement when reading some fonts
* Make GBool a bool instead of an int
* Add GObject introspection support
* Improve creation of Annotations
* Add a way to get the coordinates of each character of a page
* Add a way to get the page label
* Documentation improvements
* Support password protected documents in the demo
* Support for selection in the demo
* Support for adding annotationss in the demo
* Misc improvements in the internals
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
* Recognize "Print" as named action
* Documentation improvements
build system:
* Add option for to skip configure
* Nicer output
* Improvements when build the glib frontend with CMake
* pdftohtml: Use splash instead of external gs invocation to render the background
* pdftohtml: Let the user specify the resolution of the background. (Bug #29551)
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
Release 0.14.3
* Tell Windows we are writing/reading binary data from stdout/stdio (Bug #29329)
* Fix crash when parsing some Movie elements (KDE Bug #249586)
Release 0.14.2
* Fix rendering of some documents involving tilingPatternFill in the cairo output device
* Improve rendering of some annotations
* Handle ColorTransform in DCT streams when using libjpeg (Bug #28873)
* Fix crash in the ps output device in some files (KDE Bug #246269)
* Fix crash in some malformed files (Bug #28842)
build system:
* Improve build on windows
* Add uninstalled .pc file support when using autoconf
* Fix a crash when a layer doesn't have a name (Bug #28842)
* Fix padding of names in pdftoppm
Release 0.14.1
* Add ObjectStream caching, makes opening some files ten times faster (Bug #26759)
* Fix crash when writing to negative coordinates (Bug #28480)
* Check objects are the type we want them to be when parsing GfxICCBasedColorSpace
* Optimize Splash::compositeBackground
* Optimize color space calculations by using sqrt instead of pow 0.5
* Fix crash in JBIG2Stream with malformed documents
build system:
* Make sure we ship two needed cmake files
* Do not distribute glib/poppler-features.h and poppler/poppler-config.h
* Improve compilation with Sun Studio
* Fix linking of the cpp frontend when using autotools
* Fix links/annots area for some documents (Bug #28588)
* Fix poppler_page_find_tex() when called more than once (Bug #27927)
* Add -cropbox to pdftoppm manual
Release 0.14.0
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