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0.17.0 news

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Release 0.17.0
* Splash: Implement tiling patterns
* Splash: Support slight hinting
* Splash: Radial shading improvements
* Splash: General speed improvements
* Arthur: Add Hinting API
* Cairo: Implement Type 4,5,6,7 shadings using cairo mesh gradients
* Cairo: Use the new cairo unique id to set the surface id when printing
* PS: Add PS level1 non standard binary output option
* PS: Allow setting the rasterization resolution
* Form support improvements
* Annotation support improvements
* General speed improvements
* Add support for handling ViewerPreferences
* Remove abiword output device
* pdftoppm: Add -singlefile option (Bug #32025)
* pdftoppm: Add tif output format support (Bug #32027)
* pdftops: Add PS level1 non standard binary output option
* pdftops: Allow setting the rasterization resolution
* pdftoabw has been removed
* Add poppler_form_field_get_action() (Bug 33174)
* Remove GDK API
* Remove test-poppler-glib
* demo: Add a tooltip with current selected character in text demo
* demo: show the activation action of form fields if there's one
* Add TIF output possibility
* Add PNM output possibility
* Support slight hinting
* Form support improvements
* The Qt3 has been removed
* Merge splash and cairo tests into a single gtk-test tool
Release 0.16.4
* Small improvements in Annot parsing
* Add g_return macros to make sure index is correct in form field choice methods
* Fix a crash when a choice form field has no items selected in glib-demo
* Small fixes to the pdftohtml manpage
* Fix copyright years
* Fix caption of push button fields
Release 0.16.3
* Increase precision in PS output device
* Workaround bug when converting pdf to ps with level1 (Bug #31926)
* Fix crash in Splash output device in some broken pdf
* Fix infinite loop in some broken files
* Fix rendering of some substituted fonts (Bug #34522)
* Do not ask Freetype for 0x0 fonts in Splash output device (Bug #34602)
* Don't assume y1 > y3 for points of a highlight annotation (Gnome Bug #643028)
* Handle fontCIDType2OT when creating freetype font in Cairo output device (Gnome Bug #643273)
* Fix crash in some pdf that use ICC color space (Bug #34357)
* Don't use an uninitialized local variable in demo
* Add some introspection markers
* Fix crash regression in unicodeToQString (again)
* pdftotext: Do not crash when using -bbox
Release 0.16.2
* Fix text extraction for some files
* Fix crash regression in unicodeToQString
Release 0.16.1
* Fix colorspace issues in the Cairo backend (Bug #32746)
* Remove declaration of function without implementation
* Do not crash in case jpeg_create_decompress fails (Bug #32890)
* Fix variable access mismatch (Bug #33063)
* Fix converting some pdf to ps with -level1sep (Bug #32365)
* Fix line selection, dont check y for Line selections
* Include zlib header in
* Fix leak in Splash backend when doing axial shaded fills
* Fix label to index conversion on multiple prefixes
* Use NULL instead of FALSE for functions returning a pointer
* Fix memory leak in poppler_page_get_text_layout() for pages with no text
* Fix unicodeToQString() to correctly decode the Unicode sequence
Release 0.16.0
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