Commit 3444a443 authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos
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regtest: Remove unused method _check_exit_status2

It was used when the backends ran in parallel odd and even pages, but
it's no longer used since threads support was added.
parent 5f825df4
......@@ -220,26 +220,6 @@ class Backend:
return True
def _check_exit_status2(self, p1, p2, out_path):
p1_stderr =
status1 = p1.wait()
p2_stderr =
status2 = p2.wait()
if p1_stderr or p2_stderr:
self.__create_stderr_file(p1_stderr + p2_stderr, out_path)
if not os.WIFEXITED(status1) or not os.WIFEXITED(status2):
open(out_path + '.crashed', 'w').close()
return False
if self.__create_failed_file_if_needed(status1, out_path):
return False
if self.__create_failed_file_if_needed(status2, out_path):
return False
return True
def _diff_png(self, ref_path, result_path):
import Image, ImageChops
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