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0.21.4 NEWS

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Release 0.21.4
* SplashOutputDev: Fix crash when rendering in monochrome mode
* SplashOutputDev: Fix line widths in monochrome mode (Bug #57294)
* PSOutputDev: Fix crop on EPS conversion (Bug #30692)
* TextOutputDev: Fix minor logic mistake
* Fix assert on some malformed files (Bug #58257)
* Move #include "jpeglib.h" into .cc file (Bug #57687)
* Filter text that may end up being written to the shell
* Fix windows compile warnings
* Add poppler_annot_set_flags (Bug #58015)
* Demo fixes and improvements
* Fix check_lexer on 32-bit systems
Release 0.21.3
* Splash: Implement bilinear image scaling (Bug #22138)
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