Commit 19930d9f authored by Ed Catmur's avatar Ed Catmur Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos

TextOutputDev: Do not draw ligatures more than once when selected

When the selection covers a ligature presentation form where a single
character code corresponds to multiple Unicode codepoints, the glyph for
the ligature is drawn multiple times, once for each Unicode character.
parent 6b451b2d
......@@ -4400,6 +4400,9 @@ void TextSelectionPainter::endPage()
out->beginString(state, string);
for (int i = begin; i < fEnd; i++) {
if (i != begin && sel->word->charPos[i] == sel->word->charPos[i - 1])
out->drawChar(state, sel->word->textMat[i].m[4], sel->word->textMat[i].m[5], 0, 0, 0, 0,
sel->word->charcode[i], 1, NULL, 0);
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