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0.21.0 news

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Release 0.21.0
* Support the modification of files with Encrypt
* Annotation improvements
* Form improvements
* Splash: Implement DeviceN support
* Splash: Avoid bogus memory error for tilingPattern
* TextOutputDev: Allow multiple fonts in a TextWord
* Kill the concept of base dir
* PSOutputDev: Always write HiResBoundingBox (Bug #53159)
* Convert UTF-16 to UCS-4 when reading toUnicode cmap
* GooString formatting: add support for uppercase hexadecimal
* Use error() instead of fprintf(stderr, ...) in Annot::layoutText
* poppler-config.h: remove WITH_FONTCONFIGURATION_* macros
* Annotation improvements
* Add poppler_page_remove_annot()
* Add poppler_document_new_from_stream
* Add poppler_document_new_from_gfile
* Add poppler_page_find_text_with_options (Bug #2951)
* Demo improvements
* Port tests and demo to GTK+3
* Add accessor methods for movie poster information
* Make 'additional actions' available in Annotation API (Bug #53589)
* Add whole-page search method to Poppler::Page
* Small changes in tests
* pdftohtml: Make the output more xhtml compliant
* pdftohtml: Add -fontfullname. (Bug #49872)
* pdftohtml: Do not invoke gs anymore
build system:
* Add the possibility of using lcms1 even if lcms2 is installed
* Remove extra fontconfig CFLAGS and LIBS
Release 0.20.4
* Improvements regarding embedded file handling. (KDE Bug #306008)
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