Commit c703ab69 authored by Carlos Rafael Giani's avatar Carlos Rafael Giani Committed by Sebastian Dröge

flacparse: Add maximum bitrate tag
parent 45db90fd
......@@ -1705,6 +1705,13 @@ gst_flac_parse_pre_push_frame (GstBaseParse * parse, GstBaseParseFrame * frame)
gst_caps_unref (caps);
/* Compute the bitrate of the uncompressed audio and set it as the
* maximum possible bitrate, since such a bitrate is the worst case
* (= no compression). */
gst_tag_list_add (flacparse->tags, GST_TAG_MERGE_KEEP,
GST_TAG_MAXIMUM_BITRATE, flacparse->samplerate * flacparse->bps *
flacparse->channels, NULL);
/* Announce our pending tags */
gst_base_parse_merge_tags (parse, flacparse->tags, GST_TAG_MERGE_REPLACE);
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