Commit 880f4940 authored by Mikhail Fludkov's avatar Mikhail Fludkov Committed by Olivier Crête

tests/rtprtx: refactor the tests to use gstharness

The functionality of all the tests was kept exactly the same. Some tests
were renamed:
test_push_forward_seq -> test_rtxsend_rtxreceive
test_drop_one_sender -> test_rtxsend_rtxreceive_with_packet_loss
test_drop_multiple_sender -> test_multi_rtxsend_rtxreceive_with_packet_loss

test_rtxreceive_data_reconstruction was testing that retransmitted
buffer produced by rtxsend was correctly transformed to the original
buffer by rtxreceive. Now we are checking for this in all the tests
where both rtxsend & rtxreceive are involved. That's why the test was
parent e43dcd99
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