Commit 74ac172b authored by André Dieb Martins's avatar André Dieb Martins Committed by Thiago Santos
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jpegenc: should not return caps ANY based on downstream

When downstream has a sink pad with ANY caps, jpegenc should
treat it the same as NULL and return its template caps.

Fixes #614842
parent b62d7815
......@@ -322,10 +322,15 @@ gst_jpegenc_getcaps (GstPad * pad)
other end of the element */
caps = gst_pad_peer_get_caps (jpegenc->srcpad);
if (caps == NULL)
if (caps == NULL) {
caps = gst_caps_copy (gst_pad_get_pad_template_caps (pad));
} else if (gst_caps_is_any (caps)) {
gst_caps_unref (caps);
caps = gst_caps_copy (gst_pad_get_pad_template_caps (pad));
} else {
caps = gst_caps_make_writable (caps);
for (i = 0; i < gst_caps_get_size (caps); i++) {
structure = gst_caps_get_structure (caps, i);
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