Commit 2ff1558a authored by Marco Ballesio's avatar Marco Ballesio Committed by Stefan Kost
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h264depay: handle properly STAPs

in rtph264depay.c, lines 577-576, NALU-type 24 (Single-Time Aggregation
Packet) is handled in fall-through as NALU-type 26 (unhandled).

This leads high quality h264 streams such as:


to fail with "NAL unit type 24 not supported yet" (but it's actually
supported), and thus to close any stream which contains STAPs.

The proposed one-liner patch fixes the issue.
Fixes #615051.
parent d17ad171
......@@ -574,6 +574,7 @@ gst_rtp_h264_depay_process (GstBaseRTPDepayload * depayload, GstBuffer * buf)
gst_buffer_set_caps (outbuf, GST_PAD_CAPS (depayload->srcpad));
return outbuf;
case 26:
/* MTAP16 Multi-time aggregation packet 5.7.2 */
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