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      video-anc: Replace GST_VIDEO_CAPTION_TYPE_CEA608_IN_CEA708_RAW with CEA608_S334_1A · 1eb3a206
      Sebastian Dröge authored and Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge committed
      CEA608_IN_CEA708_RAW is the same format as CEA708_RAW. It's only
      difference is that it must contain only CEA608 and a format like this
      does not exist in practice. In practice every element that handles raw
      cc_data triplets must check each triplet for their actual content and
      handle them accordingly.
      For CC-only streams a parser could signal the existence of CEA608 and/or
      CEA708 inside the caps but for metas this can only potentially be
      signalled via the ALLOCATION query for negotiation purposes.
      A separate format for this is not very useful and instead it should be a
      format qualifier.
      CEA608_S334_1A is the format defined by SMPTE S334-1 Annex A and which
      is used for transferring CEA608 over SDI instead of CEA708 CDP packets.
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      rtcpbuffer: add support XR packet parsing · 5303e2c3
      Justin Kim authored and Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête committed
      According to RFC3611, the extended report blocks in XR packet can
      have variable length. To visit each block, the iterator should look
      into block header. Once XR type is extracted, users can parse the
      detailed information by given functions.
      Loss/Duplicate RLE
      The Loss RLE and the Duplicate RLE have same format so
      they can share parsers. For unit test, randomly generated
      pseudo packet is used.
      Packet Receipt Times
      The packet receipt times report block has a list of receipt
      times which are in [begin_seq, end_seq).
      Receiver Reference Time paser for XR packet
      The receiver reference time has ntptime which is 64 bit type.
      The DLRR report block consists of sub-blocks which has ssrc, last RR,
      and delay since last RR. The number of sub-blocks should be calculated
      from block length.
      Statistics Summary
      The Statistics Summary report block provides fixed length
      VoIP Metrics
      VoIP Metrics consists of several metrics even though they are in
      a report block. Data retrieving functions are added per metrics.
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      glupload: dmabuf: use out_info to create allocation params for non-direct dmabuf uploads as well · 18c9babe
      Philipp Zabel authored and Philipp Zabel's avatar Philipp Zabel committed
      Non-direct dmabuf uploads, just as direct dmabuf uploads, create EGL
      images and thus GL textures of the same width as the imported image.
      The input dmabuf line stride is not relevant to the resulting texture
      in both cases.
      This fixes the case where non-direct uploads of input dmabufs with line
      stride larger than the width will for example cause glcolorconvert to
      sample only the left part (width * bytes per pixel / stride) of the
      image, causing a horizontally stretched and cropped output image.
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