1. 24 Jun, 2019 1 commit
  2. 23 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • Philippe Normand's avatar
      glupload: Keep track of cached EGLImage texture format · b2339116
      Philippe Normand authored
      This patch fixes the following critical warning:
      CRITICAL **: 11:33:32.843: Unknown GL format 0x0 provided
      It would happen during the setup of a second pipeline involving the DMABuf
      uploader, typically with a v4l2src element. The warning was raised because the
      uploader had a cached EGLImage already filled but the formats were not
      synchronized accordingly.
  3. 18 Jun, 2019 7 commits
    • Marco Felsch's avatar
      video-info: parse field-order for all interleaved formats · 197dcb9b
      Marco Felsch authored
      The "field-order" is related for all interlace_mode modes except the
      "progressive" mode. So instead of or'ing each mode we can use the
      already supported GST_VIDEO_INFO_IS_INTERLACED macro.
    • Haihao Xiang's avatar
      glimagesink: add support for P010 variants · 6d0f7965
      Haihao Xiang authored
      This makes a pipeline below works:
      little endian:
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! video/x-raw,format=P010_10LE ! glimagesink
      big endian:
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! video/x-raw,format=P010_10BE ! glimagesink
    • Haihao Xiang's avatar
      glcolorconvert: rename the NV12/NV12 shader to semi planar · 49f16489
      Haihao Xiang authored
      This shader can be used for other semi planar formats, e.g. P010_10LE
    • Song Bing's avatar
      playsink: Set ts-offset to text sink. · 3aa1437a
      Song Bing authored
      Find right text sink to set the ts-offset.
    • Haihao Xiang's avatar
      glimagesink: add support for BGR10A2_LE / RGB10A2_LE · 3f632952
      Haihao Xiang authored
      This makes a pipeline below work:
      gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! video/x-raw,format={BGR10A2_LE, \
      RGB10A2_LE} ! glimagesink
    • Haihao Xiang's avatar
      glformat: removde dead break after return · d15a5160
      Haihao Xiang authored
    • Roman Sivriver's avatar
      video-and: Fix buffer overflow detected by asan · 2b258629
      Roman Sivriver authored
      gst_meta_api_type_register() assumes that the last tags element is null, but it wasn't
      ==17422==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow on address 0x7f4e2a67c998 at pc 0x7f4e2a0c92ac bp 0x7ffcc41f80b0 sp 0x7ffcc41f80a0
      READ of size 8 at 0x7f4e2a67c998 thread T0
          #0 0x7f4e2a0c92ab in gst_meta_api_type_register ../subprojects/gstreamer/gst/gstmeta.c:94
          #1 0x7f4e2a5582c3 in gst_video_afd_meta_api_get_type ../subprojects/gst-plugins-base/gst-libs/gst/video/video-anc.c:1146
          #2 0x404c7c in invoke_get_type (/home/ubuntu/gst-build/build/tmp-introspect5gv1rovo/GstVideo-1.0+0x404c7c)
          #3 0x406b5c in dump_irepository (/home/ubuntu/gst-build/build/tmp-introspect5gv1rovo/GstVideo-1.0+0x406b5c)
          #4 0x407089 in main (/home/ubuntu/gst-build/build/tmp-introspect5gv1rovo/GstVideo-1.0+0x407089)
          #5 0x7f4e295b4b6a in __libc_start_main (/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6+0x26b6a)
          #6 0x404479 in _start (/home/ubuntu/gst-build/build/tmp-introspect5gv1rovo/GstVideo-1.0+0x404479)
      0x7f4e2a67c998 is located 40 bytes to the left of global variable 'tags' defined in '../subprojects/gst-plugins-base/gst-libs/gst/video/video-anc.c:1232:25' (0x7f4e2a67c9c0) of size 24
      0x7f4e2a67c998 is located 0 bytes to the right of global variable 'tags' defined in '../subprojects/gst-plugins-base/gst-libs/gst/video/video-anc.c:1141:25' (0x7f4e2a67c980) of size 24
      SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow ../subprojects/gstreamer/gst/gstmeta.c:94 in gst_meta_api_type_register
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