Commit af2ee3f7 authored by Thibault Saunier's avatar Thibault Saunier 🌵
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meson: Rename the gtkdoc option to gtk_doc

This is what other modules use
parent d56d2241
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ subdir('examples')
if build_machine.system() == 'windows'
message('Disabling gtk-doc while building on Windows')
elif not get_option('gtkdoc')
elif not get_option('gtk_doc')
message('gtk-doc is disabled via options')
if find_program('gtkdoc-scan', required : false).found()
option('introspection', type : 'boolean', value : true, yield : true,
description : 'Generate gobject-introspection bindings')
option('gtkdoc', type : 'boolean', value : true, yield : true,
option('gtk_doc', type : 'boolean', value : true, yield : true,
description : 'Build API documentation with gtk-doc')
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