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doc: Remove documentation about GESVideoSource::zorder as it doesn't exist

The zorder is controled through the GESLayer priority API, not directly
on the sources.
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......@@ -49,11 +49,6 @@
* <entry>The desired y position for the stream</entry>
* </row>
* <row>
* <entry role="property_type"><link linkend="guint"><type>guint</type></link></entry>
* <entry role="property_name"><link linkend="GESVideoSource--zorder">zorder</link></entry>
* <entry>The desired z order for the stream</entry>
* </row>
* <row>
* <entry role="property_type"><link linkend="gint"><type>gint</type></link></entry>
* <entry role="property_name"><link linkend="GESVideoSource--width">width</link></entry>
* <entry>The desired width for that source. Set to 0 if size is not mandatory, will be set to width of the current track.</entry>
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