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      Merge branch 'cal-fix-cmake-pkgconfig' into 'master' · 82e08479
      Ralf Habacker authored
      cmake: Avoid overwriting PKG_CONFIG_PATH env var
      See merge request dbus/dbus!96
      Reviewed-by: @rhabacker
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      cmake: Avoid overwriting PKG_CONFIG_PATH env var · 3525cc04
      Clemens Lang authored
      The CMake config file installed by DBus will run in the context of other
      projects. Consequently, changing the value of the PKG_CONFIG_DIR,
      PKG_CONFIG_PATH or PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR environment variables will affect
      any further calls to pkg-config made by such projects, which can cause
      A common case of this happening are pkg-config files installed in
      usr/share/pkgconfig for .pc files that are architecture-independent, as
      for example systemd does.
      Avoid clobbering the environment variables by saving and restoring their
      values. Note that for some of the variables, setting them to an empty
      string is different from not setting them at all.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarClemens Lang <clemens.lang@bmw-carit.de>
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