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      clover: add core clover printf support (v12) · 0a6e1cf3
      Serge Martin authored
      "The implementation is based on what LLVM AMD target expect.
      The compiler provided an id link to argument desc and format used.
      The runtime need to store them to be able to parse the buffer filled by
      the device during the kernel execution, ie, an id value to find the
      format and followed by the arguments values"
      v2: airlied
      Split out the core code to a separate patch, add support for the
      different global buffer formats, and move the LLVM specific code
      as much as possible to the backend.
      v3: handle strings differences better
      llvm backend stores strings to the printf buffer
      nir backend stores them to a sideband storage in NIR and stores
      an index in the buffer.
      v4: move specifier parsing to util code.
      v5: rename buffer fmt + make printf code work
      v6: handle args/specifier number mismatch support
      v7: move to single string + struct
      v8: use "%s" to print strings to avoid bad specifier, fix str
      v9: move to the same global buffer format as llvm, just strings
      are different now. This requires changes to nir lowering.
      buffer format:
      [0] contains offset into buffer at start contains 8
      [1] contains length of buffer
      v10: printf const clean,  add warning,  endian assert, print %%
      at end, fix specifiers to vector
      v11: minor cleanups, make sure the format string never contains
      an n.
      v12: validate format string
      Reviewed-by: Francisco Jerez's avatarFrancisco Jerez <currojerez@riseup.net>
      Part-of: <mesa/mesa!8254>
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