Commit f29ed2da authored by Serge Martin's avatar Serge Martin Committed by Francisco Jerez
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clover: Add clLinkProgram (CL 1.2).

[ Francisco Jerez: Use validate_build_common for error checking,
  simplify control flow slightly and handle additional exception
  types. ]
Reviewed-by: Francisco Jerez's avatarFrancisco Jerez <>
Tested-by: Jan Vesely's avatarJan Vesely <>
parent c478db6c
......@@ -240,10 +240,33 @@ clCompileProgram(cl_program d_prog, cl_uint num_devs,
CLOVER_API cl_program
clLinkProgram(cl_context d_ctx, cl_uint num_devs, const cl_device_id *d_devs,
const char *p_opts, cl_uint num_progs, const cl_program *d_progs,
void (*pfn_notify)(cl_program, void *), void *user_data,
cl_int *r_errcode) {
ret_error(r_errcode, CL_LINKER_NOT_AVAILABLE);
void (*pfn_notify) (cl_program, void *), void *user_data,
cl_int *r_errcode) try {
auto &ctx = obj(d_ctx);
auto devs = (d_devs ? objs(d_devs, num_devs) :
auto opts = (p_opts ? p_opts : "");
auto progs = objs(d_progs, num_progs);
auto prog = create<program>(ctx);
validate_build_common(prog, num_devs, d_devs, pfn_notify, user_data);
try {
prog().link(devs, opts, progs);
ret_error(r_errcode, CL_SUCCESS);
} catch (build_error &e) {
ret_error(r_errcode, CL_LINK_PROGRAM_FAILURE);
return ret_object(prog);
} catch (invalid_build_options_error &e) {
ret_error(r_errcode, CL_INVALID_LINKER_OPTIONS);
return NULL;
} catch (error &e) {
ret_error(r_errcode, e);
return NULL;
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