Commit e3006963 authored by Francisco Jerez's avatar Francisco Jerez
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clover/api: Implement clLinkProgram per-device binary presence validation rule.

Reviewed-by: Serge Martin's avatarSerge Martin <>
Tested-by: Jan Vesely's avatarJan Vesely <>
parent f29ed2da
......@@ -237,17 +237,46 @@ clCompileProgram(cl_program d_prog, cl_uint num_devs,
return e.get();
namespace {
validate_link_devices(const ref_vector<program> &progs,
const ref_vector<device> &all_devs) {
std::vector<device *> devs;
for (auto &dev : all_devs) {
const auto has_binary = [&](const program &prog) {
return !;
// According to the CL 1.2 spec, when "all programs specified [..]
// contain a compiled binary or library for the device [..] a link is
// performed",
if (all_of(has_binary, progs))
// otherwise if "none of the programs contain a compiled binary or
// library for that device [..] no link is performed. All other
// cases will return a CL_INVALID_OPERATION error."
else if (any_of(has_binary, progs))
return map(derefs(), devs);
CLOVER_API cl_program
clLinkProgram(cl_context d_ctx, cl_uint num_devs, const cl_device_id *d_devs,
const char *p_opts, cl_uint num_progs, const cl_program *d_progs,
void (*pfn_notify) (cl_program, void *), void *user_data,
cl_int *r_errcode) try {
auto &ctx = obj(d_ctx);
auto devs = (d_devs ? objs(d_devs, num_devs) :
auto opts = (p_opts ? p_opts : "");
auto progs = objs(d_progs, num_progs);
auto prog = create<program>(ctx);
auto devs = validate_link_devices(progs,
(d_devs ? objs(d_devs, num_devs) :
validate_build_common(prog, num_devs, d_devs, pfn_notify, user_data);
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