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      isl: Avoid EXPECT_DEATH in unit tests · b93a1952
      Matt Turner authored
      EXPECT_DEATH works by forking the process and letting the forked process
      fail with an assertion. This process is evidently incredibly expensive,
      taking ~30 seconds to run the whole isl_aux_info_test on a 2.8GHz
      Skylake. Annoyingly all of the (expected) assertion failures also leaves
      lots of messages in dmesg and potentially generates lots of coredumps.
      Instead, avoid the expense of fork/exec by redefining assert() and
      unreachable() in the code we're testing to return a unit-test-only
      value. With this patch, the test takes ~1ms.
      Also, while modifying the EXPECT_EQ() calls, reverse the arguments so
      that the expected value comes first, as is intended. Otherwise gtest
      failure messages don't make much sense.
      Fixes: mesa/mesa#2567
      Reviewed-by: Nanley Chery's avatarNanley Chery <nanley.g.chery@intel.com>
      Tested-by: Marge Bot <mesa/mesa!4174>
      Part-of: <mesa/mesa!4174>
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