Commit ded7a8bb authored by Rhys Perry's avatar Rhys Perry Committed by Marge Bot
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aco: fix instruction encoding for LS VGPR init bug workaround

Fixes: a952bf39

 ('aco: Fix LS VGPR init bug on affected hardware.')
Signed-off-by: Rhys Perry's avatarRhys Perry <>
Reviewed-By: Timur Kristóf's avatarTimur Kristóf <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!4201>
parent ee9e0d1e
......@@ -9501,15 +9501,15 @@ void fix_ls_vgpr_init_bug(isel_context *ctx, Pseudo_instruction *startpgm)
/* If there are no HS threads, SPI mistakenly loads the LS VGPRs starting at VGPR 0. */
Temp instance_id = bld.sop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
Temp instance_id = bld.vop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->ac.instance_id),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->rel_auto_id),
Temp rel_auto_id = bld.sop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
Temp rel_auto_id = bld.vop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->rel_auto_id),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->ac.tcs_rel_ids),
Temp vertex_id = bld.sop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
Temp vertex_id = bld.vop2(aco_opcode::v_cndmask_b32, bld.def(v1),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->ac.vertex_id),
get_arg(ctx, ctx->args->ac.tcs_patch_id),
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