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Commit 0eccd158 authored by Thong Thai's avatar Thong Thai Committed by Marge Bot
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frontends/va: Return P010/P016 as possible surface formats when encoding

When gstreamer's vaapih265enc queries for possible surface formats, it
only queries using VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420, so add P010 and P016 as possible
surface formats to enable 10-bit/16-bit encoding.
Signed-off-by: Thong Thai's avatarThong Thai <>
Reviewed-by: Leo Liu's avatarLeo Liu <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!7268>
parent b50f40fa
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......@@ -484,7 +484,9 @@ vlVaQuerySurfaceAttributes(VADriverContextP ctx, VAConfigID config_id,
attribs[i].value.value.i = VA_FOURCC_NV12;
if (config->rt_format & VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420_10BPP) {
if (config->rt_format & VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420_10 ||
(config->rt_format & VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420 &&
config->entrypoint == PIPE_VIDEO_ENTRYPOINT_ENCODE)) {
attribs[i].type = VASurfaceAttribPixelFormat;
attribs[i].value.type = VAGenericValueTypeInteger;
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