Commit 0364f746 authored by Michael Olbrich's avatar Michael Olbrich

meson: set correct install path for gdb helper

The original version of the patch used glib-2.0 but that was later changed
to gstreamer-1.0 for autotools. The meson file was forgotten.

Fix the path to match the one used in
parent 8d180557
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ if have_ptp
install_data(['', ''],
install_dir : join_paths(get_option('datadir'), 'glib-2.0', 'gdb'))
install_dir : join_paths(get_option('datadir'), 'gstreamer-@0@'.format(apiversion), 'gdb'))
gdbconf = configuration_data()
gdbconf.set('GST_API_VERSION', apiversion)
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