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      qt: Use a proxy object for access to the QML widget · ac068bd2
      Jan Schmidt authored
      QML can destroy the video widget at any time, leaving
      us with a dangling pointer. Use a lock and a proxy
      object to cope with that, and block in the widget
      destructor if there are ongoing calls into the widget.
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      new qt5 qml GL video sink · b1bbdcee
      Matthew Waters authored
      Very much in the same spirit as the Gtk GL sink
      Two things are provided
      1. A QQuickItem subclass that renders out RGBA filled GstGLMemory
         buffers that is instantiated from qml.
      2. A sink element that will push buffers into (1)
      To use
      1. Declare the GstGLVideoItem in qml with an appropriate
         objectName property set.
      2. Get the aforementioned GstGLVideoItem from qml using something like
      QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
      QObject *rootObject = engine.rootObjects().first();
      QQuickItem *videoItem = rootObject->findChild<QQuickItem *> ("videoItem");
      3. Set the videoItem on the sink