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    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      tests: Change splitmux test video files · 7719606a
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Avoid test failure by changing the stored video resolution
      from 80x60 to 80x64, which needs bug 741030 to be fixed.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      splitmux: Implement new elements for splitting files at mux level. · 5e2214d3
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Implement 2 new elements - splitmuxsink and splitmuxsrc.
      splitmuxsink is a bin which wraps a muxer and takes 1 video stream,
      plus audio/subtitle streams, and starts a new file
      whenever necessary to avoid overrunning a threshold of either bytes
      or time. New files are started at a keyframe, and corresponding audio
      and subtitle streams are split at packet boundaries to match
      video GOP timestamps.
      splitmuxsrc is a corresponding source element which handles
      the splitmux:// URL and plays back all component files,
      reconstructing the original elementary streams as it goes.
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      tests: souphttpsrc: update ssl key/cert pair · 59431f66
      Thiago Santos authored
      Our ones were expired. The new ones were copied from libsoup's
      tests files.
      Also sets the property to use our own cert to validate the
      server, otherwise the default system certs would be used
      and it would fail.
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    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      id3demux: fix parsing of unsync'ed ID3 v2.4 tags and frames · 2e05af38
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      Reversing the unsynchronisation seems to work slightly differently
      for ID3 v2.3 tags and v2.4 tags: v2.3 tags don't have syncsafe frame
      sizes in the frame header, so the unsynchronisation is applied to
      the whole frame data including all the frame headers. v2.4 frames
      have sync-safe sizes, however, so the unsynchronisation only needs
      to be applied to the actual frame data, and it seems that's what's
      being done as well. So we need to undo the unsynchronisation on a
      per-frame basis for v2.4 tags for things to work properly.
      Fixes extraction of coverart/images from APIC frames in ID3 v2.4
      tags (#588148).
      Add unit test for this as well.
  14. 31 Jul, 2009 1 commit
  15. 15 May, 2009 1 commit
    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      checks: move files required by unit tests into tests/files and make sure they're disted · c014c4a6
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      Move unit test data into the directory where it belongs and make in particular
      the flacdec unit test cd into the directory with the test files instead of making
      assumptions about the current working directory in that unit test. As a side effect
      of movng those files, there's only one EXTRA_DIST in tests/check/Makefile.am now,
      which is likely to work better than having two. Hopefully fixes #582753.
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    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      gst/id3demux/gstid3demux.c: Don't leak caps: make gst_id3demux_add_srcpad()... · 009c9750
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      gst/id3demux/gstid3demux.c: Don't leak caps: make gst_id3demux_add_srcpad() not take ownership of the caps passed to ...
      Original commit message from CVS:
      * gst/id3demux/gstid3demux.c: (gst_id3demux_add_srcpad),
      Don't leak caps: make gst_id3demux_add_srcpad() not take ownership of the
      caps passed to it (previouslly one code path assumes it takes ownership
      while another one assumes it doesn't).
      * configure.ac:
      * tests/files/Makefile.am:
      * tests/files/id3-407349-1.tag:
      * tests/files/id3-407349-2.tag:
      Add directory where data for unit tests can be stored.
      * tests/Makefile.am:
      * tests/check/Makefile.am:
      * tests/check/elements/.cvsignore:
      * tests/check/elements/id3demux.c: (pad_added_cb), (error_cb),
      (read_tags_from_file), (run_check_for_file),
      (check_date_1977_06_23), (GST_START_TEST), (id3demux_suite):
      Add unit test for id3demux, and in particular for bug #407349. Only
      testing pull-mode for now; push mode doesn't work yet because the test
      files are smaller than ID3_TYPE_FIND_MIN_SIZE.