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    • Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar
      Revert "rtpbin: receive bundle support" · f52e16ce
      Mathieu Duponchelle authored
      This reverts commit dcd3ce97.
      This functionality was implemented for gstopenwebrtc, but it
      turned out this was not actually needed for webrtc bundling
      support, as shown in webrtcbin. It also doesn't correspond
      to any standards.
      This is an API break, but nothing should actually depend on
      this, at least not for its initial purpose.
      Changes in rtpbin.c were reverted manually, to preserve some
      refactoring that had occurred in the original commit.
      Fixes #537
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  16. 30 Nov, 2018 3 commits
    • Alicia Boya García's avatar
      qtdemux: set need_segment after a second moov · 38b553dd
      Alicia Boya García authored
      stream.segment should be updated with the values of the current edit
      list, also when a new `moov` is received. Unfortunately this was not
      being the case because of an early return.
      As a consequence of this bugs, no end of movie clipping was being
      performed on the new moov and no segment event was being emitted.
      When performing stream switching (e.g. in MSE) the new moov may have a
      different edit list. This is often the case when switching between
      baseline H.264 (which lacks B-frames) and more demanding profiles. For
      this reason it's important to emit a new segment in order to be able
      to get matching stream times.
    • Alicia Boya García's avatar
      qtdemux: Initialize QtDemuxStream.segment in its constructor · 26cc201c
      Alicia Boya García authored
      This patch moves the initialization of QtDemuxStream.segment from
      gst_qtdemux_add_stream() to _create_stream(). This ensures the segment
      is always initialized when the stream is created.
      Otherwise the segment format is left as GST_FORMAT_UNDEFINED in the case
      were a track is reparsed and qtdemux_reuse_and_configure_stream() is
      called instead of gst_qtdemux_add_stream(). (See
      qtdemux_expose_streams() in the non streams-aware case.)
    • Miguel París Díaz's avatar
      rtpsession: properly handle rtcp_feedback_retention_window · 48a4fd4e
      Miguel París Díaz authored
      - Consider GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE as not to be used.
      - Complete "rtcp-feedback-retention-window" property getter/setter