Commit 4359684d authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

Revert "gl: Use GstGLDisplayEGL directly instead of creating a GstGLDisplayVIVFb subclass"

This reverts commit 47fd4d391e775c11f529705bb0f457a9d25ba5e7.

This patch is incorrect. It doesn't actually compile, and causes a crash
because the viv-fb window implementation needs a native EGL handle
to pass to fbCreateWindow, but the GstGLDisplayEGL handleis actually
an EGLDisplay now (and gets cast to the wrong type)
parent e16ad13e
......@@ -169,7 +169,11 @@ gst_qt_get_gl_wrapcontext (GstGLDisplay * display,
if (GST_IS_GL_DISPLAY_VIV_FB (display)) {
if (GST_IS_GL_DISPLAY_EGL (display)) {
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