Commit 136f375f authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨

glshader: port to using GstGLSLStage objects for string management

A GstGLShader is now simply a collection of stages that are
compiled and linked together into a program.  The uniform/attribute
interface has remained the same.
parent ab5f9c55
......@@ -118,12 +118,18 @@ gtk_gst_gl_widget_init_redisplay (GtkGstGLWidget * gst_widget)
GtkGstGLWidgetPrivate *priv = gst_widget->priv;
const GstGLFuncs *gl = priv->context->gl_vtable;
GError *error = NULL;
priv->shader = gst_gl_shader_new (priv->context);
gst_gl_insert_debug_marker (priv->other_context, "initializing redisplay");
if (!(priv->shader = gst_gl_shader_new_default (priv->context, &error))) {
GST_ERROR ("Failed to initialize shader: %s", error->message);
gst_gl_shader_compile_with_default_vf_and_check (priv->shader,
&priv->attr_position, &priv->attr_texture);
priv->attr_position =
gst_gl_shader_get_attribute_location (priv->shader, "a_position");
priv->attr_texture =
gst_gl_shader_get_attribute_location (priv->shader, "a_texcoord");
if (gl->GenVertexArrays) {
gl->GenVertexArrays (1, &priv->vao);
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