Commit 00f14f34 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan Committed by Nirbheek Chauhan

meson: Generate pkg-config file for qmlgl plugin

parent 4a33b083
......@@ -118,13 +118,14 @@ if have_cxx and build_gstgl
if have_qt_windowing
# Build it!
moc_files = qt5_mod.preprocess(moc_headers : moc_headers)
library('gstqmlgl', sources, moc_files,
gstqmlgl = library('gstqmlgl', sources, moc_files,
cpp_args : gst_plugins_good_args + qt_defines,
link_args : noseh_link_args,
include_directories: [configinc, libsinc],
dependencies : [glib_deps, gst_dep, gstvideo_dep, gstgl_dep, qt5qml_dep, optional_deps],
install: true,
install_dir : plugins_install_dir)
pkgconfig.generate(gstqmlgl, install_dir : plugins_pkgconfig_install_dir)
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