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    new qt5 qml GL video sink · b1bbdcee
    Matthew Waters authored
    Very much in the same spirit as the Gtk GL sink
    Two things are provided
    1. A QQuickItem subclass that renders out RGBA filled GstGLMemory
       buffers that is instantiated from qml.
    2. A sink element that will push buffers into (1)
    To use
    1. Declare the GstGLVideoItem in qml with an appropriate
       objectName property set.
    2. Get the aforementioned GstGLVideoItem from qml using something like
    QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    QObject *rootObject = engine.rootObjects().first();
    QQuickItem *videoItem = rootObject->findChild<QQuickItem *> ("videoItem");
    3. Set the videoItem on the sink
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