run only once

Original commit message from CVS:
run only once
parent ff90d395
......@@ -72,17 +72,6 @@ fi
tool_run "$autopoint"
patch -p0 < common/gettext.patch
# autopoint
# older autopoint (< 0.12) has a tendency to complain about mkinstalldirs
if test -e mkinstalldirs; then rm mkinstalldirs; fi
# first remove patch if necessary, then run autopoint, then reapply
if test -f po/;
patch -p0 -R < common/gettext.patch
tool_run "$autopoint"
patch -p0 < common/gettext.patch
tool_run "$aclocal" "-I m4 -I common/m4 $ACLOCAL_FLAGS"
tool_run "$libtoolize" "--copy --force"
tool_run "$autoheader"
common @ 59d3c433
Subproject commit c6f697f5a14c01e88a7cdf417b8e06b4417921c3
Subproject commit 59d3c4334b32261908261a163b4633532293492d
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