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Release 1.14.4

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=== release 1.14.4 ===
2018-10-02 23:02:53 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* ChangeLog:
* gst-plugins-good.doap:
Release 1.14.4
2018-10-02 23:02:53 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* docs/plugins/gst-plugins-good-plugins.args:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-1394.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-aasink.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-alaw.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-alpha.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-alphacolor.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-apetag.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-audiofx.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-audioparsers.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-auparse.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-autodetect.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-avi.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-cacasink.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-cairo.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-cutter.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-debug.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-deinterlace.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-dtmf.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-dv.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-effectv.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-equalizer.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-flac.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-flv.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-flxdec.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-gdkpixbuf.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-goom.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-goom2k1.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-gtk.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-icydemux.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-id3demux.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-imagefreeze.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-interleave.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-isomp4.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-jack.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-jpeg.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-lame.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-level.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-matroska.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-mpg123.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-mulaw.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-multifile.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-multipart.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-navigationtest.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-oss4.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-ossaudio.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-png.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-pulseaudio.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-qmlgl.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-replaygain.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-rtp.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-rtpmanager.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-rtsp.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-shapewipe.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-shout2.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-smpte.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-soup.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-spectrum.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-speex.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-taglib.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-twolame.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-udp.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-video4linux2.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-videobox.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-videocrop.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-videofilter.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-videomixer.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-vpx.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-wavenc.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-wavpack.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-wavparse.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-ximagesrc.xml:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-y4menc.xml:
Update docs
2018-09-24 11:45:46 +0200 Nicola Murino <>
* sys/osxaudio/gstosxcoreaudio.c:
osxaudio: add support for parsing more channel layouts ...
... and fallback to gst_audio_info_set_format for not yet supported layouts.
Fix audio playback on iOS 12.
Based on patch from Byron Schiel <>
2018-09-21 22:24:02 +0200 Alicia Boya García <>
* gst/matroska/matroska-demux.c:
matroskademux: Emit no-more-pads after parsing Tracks
Currently matroskademux does not emit no-more-pads until the first
Cluster is parsed, even though the Tracks have already been parsed and
from that point on there can be no more tracks.
This is important in MSE because the browser needs to know when the MSE
initialization segment has been completely parsed so that it can expose
the tracks to the user. Some applications depend on this been done
before they feed frames to the demuxer.
As a consequence, historically WebKit has relied on hacks such as
listening to the `pad-added` event, which made impossible to support
multiple tracks in the same file. Let's fix that.
2018-09-21 20:38:02 +0200 Alicia Boya García <>
* gst/matroska/matroska-demux.c:
matroskademux: Parse successive Tracks elements
This patch allows matroskademux to parse a second Tracks element,
erroring out if the tracks are not compatible (different number, type or
codec) and emitting new caps and tag events should they have changed.
2018-09-21 16:23:57 +0200 Alicia Boya García <>
matroskademux: Refactor track parsing out from adding tracks
This splits gst_matroska_demux_add_stream() into:
* gst_matroska_demux_parse_stream(): will read the Matroska bytestream
and fill a GstMatroskaTrackContext.
* gst_matroska_demux_parse_tracks(): will check there are no repeated
* gst_matroska_demux_add_stream(): creates and sets up the pad for the
2017-11-30 20:44:23 +0100 Alicia Boya García <>
* gst/matroska/matroska-demux.c:
matroskademux: Allow Matroska headers to be read more than once
This is necessary for MSE, where a new MSE initialization segment may be
appended at any point. These MSE initialization segments consist of an
entire WebM file until the first Cluster element (not included). [1]
Note that track definitions are ignored on successive headers, they must
match, but this is not checked by matroskademux (look for
`(!demux->tracks_parsed)` in the code).
Source pads are not altered when the new headers are read.
This patch has been splitted from the original patch from eocanha in [2].
=== release 1.14.3 ===
2018-09-16 16:20:32 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
......@@ -1480,10 +1480,44 @@ For a full list of bugfixes see Bugzilla. Note that this is not the full
list of changes. For the full list of changes please refer to the GIT
logs or ChangeLogs of the particular modules.
1.14.4 (future)
The fourth 1.14 bug-fix release (1.14.4) is scheduled to be released
around October 2018.
The fourth 1.14 bug-fix release (1.14.4) was released on 2 October 2018.
This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to update from
Highlighted bugfixes in 1.14.4
- glviewconvert: wait and set the gl sync meta on buffers
- glviewconvert: Copy composition meta from the primary buffer to both
- glcolorconvert: Don’t copy overlay composition meta over to NULL
- matroskademux: add functionality needed for MSE use case fixing
youtube playback in epiphany/webkit-gtk
- msdk: fix build on windows
- opusenc: fix another crash on 32-bit x86 on windows (alignment issue
in SSE optimisations)
- osxaudio: add support for parsing more channel layouts
- tagdemux: Use upstream GST_EVENT_STREAM_START (and stream-id) if
- vorbisdec: fix header handling regression: init decoder immediately
once we have headers
- wasapisink: recover from low buffer levels in shared mode
- fix GstSegment unit test which would fail on some 32-bit x86 CPUs
Contributors to 1.14.4
Alicia Boya García, Christoph Reiter, Edward Hervey, Jan Schmidt,
Matthew Waters, Nicola Murino, Nicolas Dufresne, Sebastian Dröge,
Tim-Philipp Müller, Wangfei, and many others. Thank you all.
List of bugs fixed in 1.14.4
For a full list of bugfixes see Bugzilla. Note that this is not the full
list of changes. For the full list of changes please refer to the GIT
logs or ChangeLogs of the particular modules.
Known Issues
This is GStreamer gst-plugins-good 1.14.3.
This is GStreamer gst-plugins-good 1.14.4.
The GStreamer team is pleased to announce another bug-fix release in the
stable 1.x API series of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework!
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ dnl please read gstreamer/docs/random/autotools before changing this file
dnl initialize autoconf
dnl releases only do -Wall, git and prerelease does -Werror too
dnl use a three digit version number for releases, and four for git/pre
AC_INIT([GStreamer Good Plug-ins],[1.14.3],[],[gst-plugins-good])
AC_INIT([GStreamer Good Plug-ins],[1.14.4],[],[gst-plugins-good])
[GStreamer API Version])
AS_LIBTOOL(GST, 1403, 0, 1403)
AS_LIBTOOL(GST, 1404, 0, 1404)
dnl *** required versions of GStreamer stuff ***
dnl *** autotools stuff ****
......@@ -32,6 +32,16 @@ the plug-in code, LGPL or LGPL-compatible for the supporting library).
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
project('gst-plugins-good', 'c',
version : '1.14.3',
version : '1.14.4',
meson_version : '>= 0.40.1',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=1',
'buildtype=debugoptimized' ])
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