Temporarily disabling multifile for the Android build

There is a hard dependency on inotify comming from gio. We
are not currently bundling inotify with the Android dist so
I'm disabling multifile for now until someone gets around
to sort this out.

This change fixes building on Android
parent bc1fa747
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ CONFIGURE_TARGETS += gst-plugins-good-configure
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/law/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/level/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/matroska/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/multifile/Android.mk
#-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/multifile/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/multipart/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/isomp4/Android.mk
-include $(GST_PLUGINS_GOOD_TOP)/gst/replaygain/Android.mk
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