Commit 647eefea authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

rtpsession: Only schedule a timer when we actually have to send RTCP

Otherwise we will have 10s-100s of thread wakeups in feedback profiles, create
RTCP packets, etc. just to suppress them in 99% of the cases (i.e. if no
feedback is actually pending and no regular RTCP has to be sent).

This improves CPU usage and battery life quite a lot.
parent 8ada9896
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......@@ -242,6 +242,7 @@ struct _RTPSession {
GstClockTime next_rtcp_check_time; /* tn */
GstClockTime last_rtcp_check_time; /* tp */
GstClockTime last_rtcp_send_time; /* t_rr_last */
GstClockTime last_rtcp_interval; /* T_rr */
GstClockTime start_time;
gboolean first_rtcp;
gboolean allow_early;
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