Commit 660b5e4a authored by Seungha Yang's avatar Seungha Yang 🐑 Committed by GStreamer Merge Bot

videodecoder: Don't assume GstVideoChromaSite and GstVideoColorimetry

Even if given GstVideoChromaSite and/or GstVideoColorimetry has unknown
value(s), assumption for an unknown value should be done by subclass or
downstream element, not a role of video decoder. And subclass might
want to output unknown value as is.

Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-base!910>
parent 37255eb7
......@@ -762,18 +762,8 @@ _new_output_state (GstVideoFormat fmt, GstVideoInterlaceMode interlace_mode,
if (copy_interlace_mode)
tgt->interlace_mode = ref->interlace_mode;
tgt->flags = ref->flags;
/* only copy values that are not unknown so that we don't override the
* defaults. subclasses should really fill these in when they know. */
if (ref->chroma_site)
tgt->chroma_site = ref->chroma_site;
if (ref->colorimetry.range)
tgt->colorimetry.range = ref->colorimetry.range;
if (ref->colorimetry.matrix)
tgt->colorimetry.matrix = ref->colorimetry.matrix;
if (ref->colorimetry.transfer)
tgt->colorimetry.transfer = ref->colorimetry.transfer;
if (ref->colorimetry.primaries)
tgt->colorimetry.primaries = ref->colorimetry.primaries;
tgt->chroma_site = ref->chroma_site;
tgt->colorimetry = ref->colorimetry;
GST_DEBUG ("reference par %d/%d fps %d/%d",
ref->par_n, ref->par_d, ref->fps_n, ref->fps_d);
tgt->par_n = ref->par_n;
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