Commit bdfe6e44 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt Committed by GStreamer Marge Bot
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tests: fix meson test env setup to make sure we use the right gst-plugin-scanner

This is the same fix that was applied in gst-plugins-good in
and fixes the testsuite running in gst-build.

Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-editing-services!219>
parent 6046a515
......@@ -42,7 +42,11 @@ if gst_dep.type_name() == 'pkgconfig'
pluginsdirs = [gst_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('pluginsdir'),
gst_plugin_scanner_dir = gst_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('pluginscannerdir')
gst_plugin_scanner_dir = subproject('gstreamer').get_variable('gst_scanner_dir')
gst_plugin_scanner_path = join_paths(gst_plugin_scanner_dir, 'gst-plugin-scanner')
foreach t : ges_tests
fname = '@0@.c'.format(t.get(0))
......@@ -95,6 +99,7 @@ if gstvalidate_dep.found()
env.set('GST_REGISTRY', '@0@/@1@.registry'.format(meson.current_build_dir(), 'scenarios'))
env.set('GST_PLUGIN_PATH_1_0', [meson.build_root()] + pluginsdirs)
env.set('GST_VALIDATE_LOGSDIR', meson.current_build_dir() / scenario)
env.set('GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER_1_0', gst_plugin_scanner_path)
if is_validatetest
testfile = meson.current_source_dir() / 'scenarios' / scenario + '.validatetest'
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