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track: Fix documentation about "binding_type"

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......@@ -1432,7 +1432,9 @@ ges_track_element_remove_control_binding (GESTrackElement * object,
* @object: the #GESTrackElement on which to set a control binding
* @source: the #GstControlSource to set on the binding.
* @property_name: The name of the property to control.
* @binding_type: The type of binding to create. Only "direct" is available for now.
* @binding_type: The type of binding to create. Currently the following values are valid:
* - "direct": See #gst_direct_control_binding_new
* - "direct-absolute": See #gst_direct_control_binding_new_absolute
* Creates a #GstControlBinding and adds it to the #GstElement concerned by the
* property. Use the same syntax as #ges_track_element_lookup_child for
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