Commit 0a81f71d authored by Håvard Graff's avatar Håvard Graff Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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tests/jitterbuffer: Major refactoring and cleanups

* Changed PCMU->TEST for common macros
* Changed verify-functions (lost & rtx) into macros.
* Remove option to add marker-bit for test-buffers (not used anywhere)
* Add new push_test_buffer function that makes sure there are correlation
  between dts and the time on the clock. (classic test-mistake)
* Established a generic starting-point for tests with the
  construct_deterministic_initial_state function and use it where
  applicable, which removes lots of "boilerplate" everywhere.
* Add basic lost-event test
* Remove as much "magic constants" as possible.
* Remove 3 tests that no longer are testing anything that others don't,
  and was completely unmaintainable.
* Remove unnecessary use of the testclock
* Verify each test is testing what it actually says it does (and modify
  where it doesn't)

In general, make the tests much smaller, better, more maintainable and
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