Commit c5295fd8 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie Committed by Guillaume Desmottes

Handler.HandleWith::User_Action_Time: use a signed type

User_Action_Timestamp is signed, so this should be signed too.
parent 0589cc4c
......@@ -252,14 +252,13 @@ im.telepathy.v1.Channel.Interface.MediaSignalling/video/h264=true
<arg name="User_Action_Time" type="t" direction="in">
<arg name="User_Action_Time" type="x" direction="in"
The time at which user action occurred, or 0 if this channel
is to be handled for some reason not involving user action.
Handlers SHOULD use this for focus-stealing prevention,
if applicable.
This property has the same semantic as <tp:type>User_Action_Timestamp</tp:type>
but is unsigned for historical reasons.
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