Message_Header_Key: Add 'silent' flag

parent 0ac6243b
......@@ -523,6 +523,9 @@ USA.</p>
respecified <tt>message-token</tt> not to have unimplementable
uniqueness guarantees.
<tp:changed version="0.27.4">
Added <tt>silent</tt> message flag.
<tp:docstring xmlns="">
<p>Well-known keys for the first <tp:type>Message_Part</tp:type> of a
......@@ -680,6 +683,10 @@ USA.</p>
does not make sense on outgoing messages and SHOULD NOT
appear there.</dd>
<dt>silent (b)</dt>
<dd>If present and true, the incoming message should not trigger
a user notification.</dd>
<dt>rescued (b)</dt>
<dd>If present and true, the incoming message has been seen in
a previous channel during the lifetime of the Connection,
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