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Telepathy 0.99.8 (2014-03-19)
The “like spinning plates” release.
API breaks:
• Account.AccountPropertyChanged has been replaced with
the standard o.fd.DBus.Properties.PropertiesChanged
• Handle_Type is now Entity_Type, and all uses of the term have also been
renamed (TargetEntityType, etc.)
• HandleChannel's Requests_Satisfied parameter has changed from ao
(array of object path) to a{oa{sv}} (map from object path to its immutable
properties), replacing Handler_Info["request-properties"]. Observer
has had a similar change.
Deleted draft API that never had a satisfactory implementation:
• Account.I.ExternalPasswordStorage1
• Channel.I.CredentialsStorage1
• CM.I.AccountStorage1
• The Logger's D-Bus API is now part of the main spec.
Telepathy 0.99.7 (2014-01-29)
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<tp:title>Telepathy D-Bus Interface Specification</tp:title>
<tp:copyright>Copyright © 2005-2014 Collabora Limited</tp:copyright>
<tp:copyright>Copyright © 2005-2011 Nokia Corporation</tp:copyright>
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